RENONER is a new fashion accessory brand founded by Reno Liu in Shanghai since 2016. The name RENONER consists of designer’s name Reno and the word “ONER” which is Reno spelled backwards. “ONER” carries the meaning of extraordinary individual which exactly embodies the brand’s DNA.

RENONER unveiled its first eyewear collection – Looper. The obvious highlight is the loop on the end tip which is not a traditional existence. When putting this pair on, the loops appear to be a pair of big round earrings. The double bridge aviator blends angular shape, incorporating lenses with warm wash of colour also gives the frame a radical yet elegant twist.

RENONER 由設計師劉世豪 (Reno Liu) 2016年在上海創立的時尚配飾品牌。品牌名稱是由設計師的英文名和單字”ONER”组合而成。ONER 恰巧是 Reno 反寫,同樣代表著專業、無人能及的意思,正正是 RENONER 的品牌形象。

RENONER 首個眼鏡系列  Looper ,以眼鏡作為時尚配飾的概念作基礎。設計師刻意將加長的镜臂以圓環作收尾,形成一種戴了耳環的錯覺,作為裝飾極具玩味感。以不規則的形狀作金屬鏡框設計,襯托淺色的太陽鏡片,輕易塑造出別具一格的時尚風格。

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